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The new and smart way to buy your condoms and xtra lube!

The Headstart® way!


What is the Headstart® Way?

Simply put we package an indivually wrapped quality condom (flavoured, unflavoured, various sizes) with a quality lubricant product (water based, silicon based and hybrid water/silicone base) in a 3 ply vacuum sealed aluminium foil pouch. Our pouches are similar to those used in the food packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Traditional condoms are packaged in a 1 ply plastic foil wrapping which provides very little protection. The thin plastic packaging can be easily damaged due to poor storage and wear and tear.

The Headstart® designed pouches are small, light, extremely tough and very practical. They easily fit into your back pocket, wallet, purse (or other handy place) making sure that you can always have a generous supply with you and as ready for action as you are!

At Headstart we believe that it is ‘all about the xtra lube’.

Why is xtra lubricant important?

A standard condom is already lubricated on the outside. However, this is not always enough.

The xtra lube that Headstart® supplies can help reduce condom breakages and can make sexual experiences that much more pleasurable.

We add xtra lube for your convenience, comfort, and safety. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends condoms to be used in conjunction with extra personal lube as the friction of the condom rubbing against vaginal or anal tissue can be painful.

Lube can significantly lower friction, help reduce the incidents of condom breakage and the risk of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infection).

What about for enjoyment reasons?

Our bodies don’t always produce enough natural lubricant for sex to be pleasurable.

Many outside factors can inhibit our bodies to be fully sexually ready and for us to produce our natural lubricant in abundance.

This can lead to friction burns and rashes which can result in infections, unnecessary pain and discomfort, or even embarrassment.

Rushing, lack of fore play, environmental factors, and anxiety are just some of the reasons that can affect our bodies from producing enough personal lubricant.

Various studies suggest xtra lube leads to an increase in sexual pleasure. Xtra lubrication feels good and can make sex that much more pleasurable!

We at Headstart® want you to thoroughly enjoy your sexual experiences in the safest most natural and the most enjoyable ways possible.

Be smart, use Headstart®!


Try the Headstart® Condom + Xtra Lube Non-Flavoured Range supplied in a vacuum sealed aluminium foil pouch

Try the Headstart® Condom + Xtra Lube Flavoured Range supplied in a vacuum sealed aluminium foil pouch

Try the Headstart® Range of Non-Flavoured Condoms Two Pack, supplied in a vacuum sealed aluminium foil pouch

Try the Headstart® Range of Flavoured Condoms Two Pack, supplied in a vacuum sealed aluminium foil pouch

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 Our Condom + Xtra Lube products are supplied in a smart vacuum sealed aluminium pouch for your convenience, added protection and safety

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