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The Headstart® Way

Headstart® have four different size non-flavoured condoms, 49mm, 53mm, 56mm and 60mm..

Big Red

Regular Blue 53mm

Max Gold 56mm

Super Orange 60mm

Choosing the right size condom is very important, too small and it will cut off circulation, that is very uncomfortable and painful, and if it’s too tight it is more likely to break or tear.

If it is too big, then it will slip off, then you’re unprotected, that is not good either.

So what’s going to be your condom color, red, blue, gold or orange? MEASURE UP HERE to know your condom size and colour.

When you know your condom size / colour you’re ready to order. Scroll down to “customise your own” HEADSTART® ALL IN ONE CONDOM AND XTRA LUBE

CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN (remember, if it’s not on then it’s not on)

Firstly, choose your lube from the 8 different types available now and shown below (additional lube types coming real soon), then click on the blue  Select options  button.

You will have the opportunity to then select your condom size by colour, red ,blue, gold or orange. Adjust the quantity to suit your needs and finally click the ‘Add To Cart’ button.

Well done, you have just customised your own personal order of 6 Condoms with 6 x Xtra Lube, packaged in 6 x two ply aluminium foil vacuum sealed pouches.

** Remember, if you order an extra 6 pouches for a total of 12, you will get free delivery throughout Australia.

Order quantity shown is 6, which is the default minimum quantity. You will receive 6 x vacuum sealed, 3 ply aluminium foil pouchs, each containing 1 x 4ml LUBE sachet (chosen by you) and 1 x CONDOM (your selected size), joined together in pairs and vacuum sealed in a 3 ply aluminium foil pouch, for your convenience and extra added protection. If you order 12 pouches, you get FREE delivery throughout Australia.

You can increase the amount ordered if you require additional quantities or add additional LUBE selections until you have your desired order.

Your order will pop up in a ‘Your Cart’ window. You can delete items from your cart or add items to your cart until you are satisfied that you have all that you require.

Woohoo you made it! You should now have your shopping cart filled with the condoms and lubes that you have personally selected. You only need to click on the ‘View Cart’ or ‘Checkout’ button to finalise and place your order.

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All orders received before 3pm Monday to Friday will be shipped the same day.

Thanks for shopping The Headstart® Way and we look forward to you visiting again soon. Please tell all of your friends!

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